Apartment Therapy Feature!

There have been many goals I set for myself this past year, and having our home on Apartment Therapy was on the top of that list. I wanted to so badly to share how I gave into color and put it throughout our home in every single room. And this was my chance thanks to Mackenzie of Pine and Crave for reaching out for the story! Full tour up on Apartment Therapy, click here.

apartment therapy1.jpg

What I didn’t know during all this excitement was that, this would end up being the very last time we’d get to shoot in this home. In the middle of preparing for this, I got word the owners were selling the house and we had to move out in a few months. My heart was broken. But what could we do, we were renting and our time had come after just 1.5 years. The sadness/anger/frustration fueled my creativity to make the house the most beautiful it has ever looked to bid a farewell to the house of my dreams. How lucky I am to have had a chance to live it in in the first place. Here’s to the next adventure and new decor challenges!

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To see the full feature, click here to head to Apartment Therapy. Photos by Mackenzie Schiek.

Hello Seattle!


We have officially moved to Seattle!  It's been 2 months now and we are settling in, getting lay of the land and I've still got 20 boxes in the garage to unpack (bah!).  On my next post coming up, I'll show you what I've done with our place so far.  It's so fun to see the style switch up here.  In the meantime, remember, the Long Beach shop is STILL open.  I travel back and forth a lot to give the shop some love, so I hope to see you whenever I'm in town :)  Will write soon!

Travel: The Cricket Adobe

Front House Image





The Cricket Adobe

Montecito, California

Having grown up in cookie cutter south Orange County, my early exposure to home design were track homes in monochromatic peach tones. Row after row after row of sameness. 

I moved to Los Angeles right out of college and it was there that my horizons expanded. City living was nothing like my suburban youth. From apartments nestled inside high rises to studios created out of garages, I learned that the word "home" came in many different forms.

Part of my dream for 6th and Detroit is to help people make "home" real and tangible. Whether it's a personal intimate space, or if it's a family vacation home, 6th and Detroit can help foster those unique touches that really make your space, or your guests space, beautiful.

Recently, our team of style eyes, mine and the talented photographic lens eye, Casey Liu, were invited to stay at the historic Cricket Adobe in Montecito, California. The new owners of this beautiful property have a vision to share this space with anyone that needed a getaway, a place of renewal, or a matrimonial venue that would knock the socks off of guests. They spent the time in curating beautiful pieces of furniture that truly enhanced the beauty of the place. We were there for fresh eyes to see if we could bring some 6th&D into the space to help this property shine.

According to a recently written blog post, in 1947, the 3/4 acre land was purchased by newlyweds, Robert and Winifred (Winni) Bennett for $2000. It is here that they broke ground and built their home by hand. Several of the rooms housed hand-made tiles, made on premises by the Bennetts. I could see their love for their home through the thoughtfully placed designs in the entry and bedrooms, all the way to the color schemes unique to each area of their home.

In 2017, the new owners updated the property, taking great care to keep the integrity of the home's design and style. Tackling the important areas, such as kitchen and baths, the rest of the beauty remains within each room.

I mean, just look at the beauty of the light. The secret corners and lofts that make it lovely to explore and a child or even as an adult. What will the eye find behind a door or up a ladder of curiosity?


The property was more than enough for all of our kids to explore. With an enclosed courtyard and the U-Shaped house, the fact that we instantly lost the kids to the surroundings and allowed us to let them be the crazy pirates they wanted to be, is testament to the family home feel. Selfishly, it allowed me to roam in awe of the picture windows and the gaze at the mixture of textures of the furnishings and decor. 

It was a pleasure for the senses. The enormous picture window of the outer courtyard was the natural artwork the room needed. It was bold. It was a space that I found myself staring at all weekend long, picturing pieces that we had and have yet to acquire for our client.

Keeping all of the elements of the original design set each room apart from another was a master design win. I absolutely fell in love with the green bathroom. It was everything.

Everything about this place was thoughtful and allowed true peace to felt - even with four crazy kids running around. The beach was within walking distance. The details were in everything - even to providing a wagon to haul all of our stuff down because if anyone knows beaching it with kids - shade and snacks make or break an outing.

I can't wait to get back here and get 6th&D represented in the nooks and crannies of this beautiful abode. And if I go missing for a while, check the curiosity ladders, I may have found a treasure trove of gold when the pirates captured me and took me hostage. 

Until next time, Cricket Adobe

Home Shoot: Dazey L.A.

Girl Bossing one day will be known strictly as Bossing. Until that day, collaborations with other kick-ass women will be how we get to that place. 

6th and Detroit recently partnered with Dazey L.A. and Reel Rad Films, to shoot and promote Dazey L.A.'s new line titled, Summer of Self-Love. The combination of our style and the vintage feel of the artistic design was a perfect backdrop for both the film and print visions.

Artist, designer and entrepreneur, Dani Nagel, is the creative behind her company, Dazey L.A. Her passion for empowerment and feminism shows through her art and her clothing designs. Each piece is made to order supporting and encouraging the important process of slow fashion. 

Take a look at the video and see for yourself how well our signature pieces enhanced the fashion. From the peacock chairs to the greenery, it shows how important the frame can be to the artwork.   Much love goes to the other bad boss ladies who were here to take it next level:  Montazami Brand, Julz Junkie Jewelry,  The Little Avocado Shop, and Tim & Co.

Oh, and for fun, see if you can spot me doing my girl-bossing in the background. Cuz I'm never not hustling. 

Styled Shoot: Junebug Weddings

Meeting new people through the store is hands down the best part about having a storefront. You never know who will come through our front door. That's how I met photographer, Melissa Rey. Hilariously relatable story. She was super pregnant and in a mad rush to find a public restroom (my mamas know what I'm talking about). I had instant empathy and let her use our private restroom and we've been friends ever since.

When she told me she had an upcoming styled wedding elopement shoot for Junebug Weddings, I immediately felt the vibe she wanted to create. Romantic, bohemian love. From inventory in the store and using our rental pieces, she curated a look that was perfect. It's the details that make the shoot. From our vintage books to unique art deco wedding rings, she made the scene feel alive. And the models...well, hellllooooo. You have to read about their story in full here. If that isn't a meet-cute, I don't know what is. 

Thank you to Melissa Rey Photography and Junebug Weddings for allowing us to be a part of this gorgeous shoot.

Travel: Timber Cove

"Dude."  "Duuuuude" were the only words that we kept saying back and forth to each other when we pulled up to the Timber Cove Resort. The fact that we flew into the wrong airport (San Francisco instead of Santa Rosa Sonoma), therefore increasing our drive time by four hours, was erased by the beauty of the coastal property in front of us. Truth be told, the drive was actually incredibly beautiful and scenic, easing the travel stresses one coastal view at a time. By the time we arrived, the magic hour of sunset only increased our instant love for this cliff-side boutique hotel.

As per our usual, food and drink were our main focus. We found our way to the property restaurant, Coast Kitchen, where we had specialty drinks, salt roasted pei mussels and  a charcuterie board to start our evening. Say it with me: "shahr-koo-tuh-ree". It's a fancy name for a meat and cheese board and accoutrements. Again, say it with me: "uh-koo-ter-muh nt". Fancy name for side of crackers. Fancy lesson over.

I can't begin to tell you the magic of being bathed in golden sunlight as the sun lowered itself over the ocean, having delicious food and drink while laughing with some of my very favorite people. Casey was able to capture some of that warmth through her camera lens. As for myself, I was able to slow down for the first time in a very long while. It was a perfect backdrop for forgetting my never ending to do list. One more martini and I was ready to secure myself in my room lest I not be able to find it later. 

Let me just say this about our room: I.COULD.LIVE.THERE. Seriously. The aesthetic was on point. Wrap around windows, sunlight streaming through every sill. Ocean everywhere we could see. It was ethereal. We opened our slider to the deck while the guys decided on which album to play on the record player. I'm telling you, the details did not go unappreciated. A vintage cone fireplace in the center of living area looked incredibly at home in the space as did the natural tree pillars that seemed to grow through to the rooftop.  

Timber Cove was as magical as it was mystical. The natural ecological habitat that surrounded the cliffs almost tricked me into thinking that I was in Scotland instead of the Sonoma Coast. I half expected fairies to show up at the downing of the sun. The slowness of time, the commune of humanness and nature was truly embodied in the being of the property. It's worth your time. You almost need to make yourself stop and chuck the to-do list out the window for a weekend visit to this place. Just don't chuck the list before you make the reservation. Cross that off the list and then throw the stress out the door. Do it. Now. You won't regret it.

1 year anniversary

Words cannot describe the love and gratitude I feel for everyone that has gotten me through this past year.  It has been quite the roller coaster but we made it!  On this day, we celebrated with friends, family, talented vendors all day and danced the night away with husband & friends spinning my favorites.  It was a day/night to remember forever.  Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart...I love you all for YOU make this possible!  xoxo Michelle

A Look Inside Our Event by Reel Rad Films 

Portland - Our first "work" trip

This March, we took our very first 6th and Detroit "work" trip! We had such an incredible time exploring the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. From the amazing shopping and delicious eats to our stay at the absolutely stunning airbnb/home of Liz Kamurul, this trip did not disappoint. I'm already itching to get back! But until then, here are some of my favorite highlights from this weekend. 
Photography: Casey Liu

Hunting for treasures at Grand Marketplace located in SE Portland.

Hunting for treasures at Grand Marketplace located in SE Portland.

The lovely Pistils Nursery in northern Portland and right around the corner from Blue Star Donuts! *drool* 

The lovely Pistils Nursery in northern Portland and right around the corner from Blue Star Donuts! *drool* 

I still can't believe how beautiful and thoughtfully curated the home of Liz Kamurul's is. When Liz posted that she would be renting her home out on airbnb, I knew I had to jump on that opportunity. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer! 

I still can't believe how beautiful and thoughtfully curated the home of Liz Kamurul's is. When Liz posted that she would be renting her home out on airbnb, I knew I had to jump on that opportunity. My only regret is that we couldn't stay longer! 

Some of my favorite finds from this trip. Next time, we're bringin' a truck!

Some of my favorite finds from this trip. Next time, we're bringin' a truck!

West Elm Pop Up

I was invited by West Elm to join Peacock & Co to pop up for a day.  West Elm LA and OC have been known to support local small businesses.  And although it was an immense amount of preparation and long nights, I'm still so happy I did it.  

On the day of, we ran into a few hiccups, but Casey and I managed to push through and make it happen.  We were lucky to have help from our  Peacock & Co. friends to help carry all the furniture up and down the freight elevator and wiggle through the back room.  If it weren't for them helping, we would have never been set up in time and never would've gotten out of there at a decent hour.  

We chatted up lovely customers stopping to hear what we were all about, who we were and what we do.  Even a wonderful handful of my dearest friends made it a point to visit and show support.  My mom showed up with a turkey sandwich trying to feed me (as any typical Filipino mother would). 

I am grateful for Stephanie of Peacock & Co. for allowing me to be there with her team and use their muscles to help me load and unload furniture.  I am grateful for my right hand Casey, whom I am constantly reminding that none of this is possible without her since day one.  And most of all, I am grateful for West Elm for following my shop and extending the invitation to share my personal found treasures with theirs.  

Let the adventure continue...

x Michelle

We were meant to meet :)  Stephanie of  Peacock & Co.

We were meant to meet :)  Stephanie of Peacock & Co.

Bringing some major jungle vibes.

Bringing some major jungle vibes.

Girl bosses unite!  These lovely fellow LB shop owners made the drive to visit us, love them.  Jolie of  Wild Child Party  & Camille of  Planning Pretty.

Girl bosses unite!  These lovely fellow LB shop owners made the drive to visit us, love them.  Jolie of Wild Child Party & Camille of Planning Pretty.

Taking over a West Elm credenza to show more beauties.

Taking over a West Elm credenza to show more beauties.

My biggest fans.

My biggest fans.

#tbt Grand Opening

Ok , so it's not exactly Thursday, it's Monday, so it doesn't call for a "throwback".  But I just can't help but post the amazing video of our Grand Opening by Reel Rad Films!  The video they did of our Live After 5 event got me all excited to show you what other magic they have done for me.  So here it is.  In case you missed it, my Grand Opening was June 5, 2016 and it was EPIC.  Tigers In The Sky played, catering by Tantalum Restaurant and Company of Khanh, desserts by Frosted Cupcakery, balloon installation by Wild Child Party, and the handsome devil of a DJ is the hubby DJ PlusOne.  Check it out! :)  

x Michelle

This Is Live After 5

I'm so excited to get this footage of Live After 5 from earlier this month!  I was so honored to be asked by the Downtown Long Beach Associates to host their monthly free live music event.  Live After 5 is a community event they throw all over the city to be able to bring together the locals and show some of the wonderful spaces Long Beach has to offer with live music.  Of course, I had to have my girl Casey's band, Tigers In The Sky, perform because they are insanely amazing.  I called on my balloon installation genius Jolie of Wild Child Party to do her magic.  And to make sure that I would never forget this special event, I turned to Reel Rad Films to document the true spirit of it.  Check it out and get a peep of what it was all about!    

x Michelle

If you are interested in throwing an event at the shop, please email Michelle at 6thanddetroit@gmail.com 

Photo:  Wild Child Party, Video:  Reel Rad Films

6th And Detroit on found & kept

My.  Very.  First.  Blog.  Entry.  Forgive me if I have no idea what I'm doing.

I figured this was a good spot I can share some thoughts with you, get a sneak peak into my home decor world and ride along this crazy journey of mine trying to run a storefront by trial and error lol.  

First up!  A wonderful write up by Found & Kept.  I'm so happy to share how the lovely Emily has beautifully photographed the shop in a way I've never seen before and expressed such kindness!  

x Michelle


6th And Detroit shop interiors.  Photo:   Found & Kept  

6th And Detroit shop interiors.  Photo:  Found & Kept