Travel: Timber Cove

"Dude."  "Duuuuude" were the only words that we kept saying back and forth to each other when we pulled up to the Timber Cove Resort. The fact that we flew into the wrong airport (San Francisco instead of Santa Rosa Sonoma), therefore increasing our drive time by four hours, was erased by the beauty of the coastal property in front of us. Truth be told, the drive was actually incredibly beautiful and scenic, easing the travel stresses one coastal view at a time. By the time we arrived, the magic hour of sunset only increased our instant love for this cliff-side boutique hotel.

As per our usual, food and drink were our main focus. We found our way to the property restaurant, Coast Kitchen, where we had specialty drinks, salt roasted pei mussels and  a charcuterie board to start our evening. Say it with me: "shahr-koo-tuh-ree". It's a fancy name for a meat and cheese board and accoutrements. Again, say it with me: "uh-koo-ter-muh nt". Fancy name for side of crackers. Fancy lesson over.

I can't begin to tell you the magic of being bathed in golden sunlight as the sun lowered itself over the ocean, having delicious food and drink while laughing with some of my very favorite people. Casey was able to capture some of that warmth through her camera lens. As for myself, I was able to slow down for the first time in a very long while. It was a perfect backdrop for forgetting my never ending to do list. One more martini and I was ready to secure myself in my room lest I not be able to find it later. 

Let me just say this about our room: I.COULD.LIVE.THERE. Seriously. The aesthetic was on point. Wrap around windows, sunlight streaming through every sill. Ocean everywhere we could see. It was ethereal. We opened our slider to the deck while the guys decided on which album to play on the record player. I'm telling you, the details did not go unappreciated. A vintage cone fireplace in the center of living area looked incredibly at home in the space as did the natural tree pillars that seemed to grow through to the rooftop.  

Timber Cove was as magical as it was mystical. The natural ecological habitat that surrounded the cliffs almost tricked me into thinking that I was in Scotland instead of the Sonoma Coast. I half expected fairies to show up at the downing of the sun. The slowness of time, the commune of humanness and nature was truly embodied in the being of the property. It's worth your time. You almost need to make yourself stop and chuck the to-do list out the window for a weekend visit to this place. Just don't chuck the list before you make the reservation. Cross that off the list and then throw the stress out the door. Do it. Now. You won't regret it.