Home Shoot: Dazey L.A.

Girl Bossing one day will be known strictly as Bossing. Until that day, collaborations with other kick-ass women will be how we get to that place. 

6th and Detroit recently partnered with Dazey L.A. and Reel Rad Films, to shoot and promote Dazey L.A.'s new line titled, Summer of Self-Love. The combination of our style and the vintage feel of the artistic design was a perfect backdrop for both the film and print visions.

Artist, designer and entrepreneur, Dani Nagel, is the creative behind her company, Dazey L.A. Her passion for empowerment and feminism shows through her art and her clothing designs. Each piece is made to order supporting and encouraging the important process of slow fashion. 

Take a look at the video and see for yourself how well our signature pieces enhanced the fashion. From the peacock chairs to the greenery, it shows how important the frame can be to the artwork.   Much love goes to the other bad boss ladies who were here to take it next level:  Montazami Brand, Julz Junkie Jewelry,  The Little Avocado Shop, and Tim & Co.

Oh, and for fun, see if you can spot me doing my girl-bossing in the background. Cuz I'm never not hustling.