Travel: The Cricket Adobe

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The Cricket Adobe

Montecito, California

Having grown up in cookie cutter south Orange County, my early exposure to home design were track homes in monochromatic peach tones. Row after row after row of sameness. 

I moved to Los Angeles right out of college and it was there that my horizons expanded. City living was nothing like my suburban youth. From apartments nestled inside high rises to studios created out of garages, I learned that the word "home" came in many different forms.

Part of my dream for 6th and Detroit is to help people make "home" real and tangible. Whether it's a personal intimate space, or if it's a family vacation home, 6th and Detroit can help foster those unique touches that really make your space, or your guests space, beautiful.

Recently, our team of style eyes, mine and the talented photographic lens eye, Casey Liu, were invited to stay at the historic Cricket Adobe in Montecito, California. The new owners of this beautiful property have a vision to share this space with anyone that needed a getaway, a place of renewal, or a matrimonial venue that would knock the socks off of guests. They spent the time in curating beautiful pieces of furniture that truly enhanced the beauty of the place. We were there for fresh eyes to see if we could bring some 6th&D into the space to help this property shine.

According to a recently written blog post, in 1947, the 3/4 acre land was purchased by newlyweds, Robert and Winifred (Winni) Bennett for $2000. It is here that they broke ground and built their home by hand. Several of the rooms housed hand-made tiles, made on premises by the Bennetts. I could see their love for their home through the thoughtfully placed designs in the entry and bedrooms, all the way to the color schemes unique to each area of their home.

In 2017, the new owners updated the property, taking great care to keep the integrity of the home's design and style. Tackling the important areas, such as kitchen and baths, the rest of the beauty remains within each room.

I mean, just look at the beauty of the light. The secret corners and lofts that make it lovely to explore and a child or even as an adult. What will the eye find behind a door or up a ladder of curiosity?


The property was more than enough for all of our kids to explore. With an enclosed courtyard and the U-Shaped house, the fact that we instantly lost the kids to the surroundings and allowed us to let them be the crazy pirates they wanted to be, is testament to the family home feel. Selfishly, it allowed me to roam in awe of the picture windows and the gaze at the mixture of textures of the furnishings and decor. 

It was a pleasure for the senses. The enormous picture window of the outer courtyard was the natural artwork the room needed. It was bold. It was a space that I found myself staring at all weekend long, picturing pieces that we had and have yet to acquire for our client.

Keeping all of the elements of the original design set each room apart from another was a master design win. I absolutely fell in love with the green bathroom. It was everything.

Everything about this place was thoughtful and allowed true peace to felt - even with four crazy kids running around. The beach was within walking distance. The details were in everything - even to providing a wagon to haul all of our stuff down because if anyone knows beaching it with kids - shade and snacks make or break an outing.

I can't wait to get back here and get 6th&D represented in the nooks and crannies of this beautiful abode. And if I go missing for a while, check the curiosity ladders, I may have found a treasure trove of gold when the pirates captured me and took me hostage. 

Until next time, Cricket Adobe