Apartment Therapy Feature!

There have been many goals I set for myself this past year, and having our home on Apartment Therapy was on the top of that list. I wanted to so badly to share how I gave into color and put it throughout our home in every single room. And this was my chance thanks to Mackenzie of Pine and Crave for reaching out for the story! Full tour up on Apartment Therapy, click here.

apartment therapy1.jpg

What I didn’t know during all this excitement was that, this would end up being the very last time we’d get to shoot in this home. In the middle of preparing for this, I got word the owners were selling the house and we had to move out in a few months. My heart was broken. But what could we do, we were renting and our time had come after just 1.5 years. The sadness/anger/frustration fueled my creativity to make the house the most beautiful it has ever looked to bid a farewell to the house of my dreams. How lucky I am to have had a chance to live it in in the first place. Here’s to the next adventure and new decor challenges!

apartment therapy2.jpg

To see the full feature, click here to head to Apartment Therapy. Photos by Mackenzie Schiek.